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About Amazon Keratin

AMAZON KERATIN is the premier brand of choice by prestigious beauty professionals worldwide.

Staying one step ahead with the latest in product research and development, advanced manufacturing technologies, and innovative delivery systems. Amazon Keratin provides quality products for superior results.

Education Amazon Keratin

We deliver wonderful education services in the United Kingdom. We have training points in England, Scotland and Ireland.

  • Nottingham
  • Luton / London
  • Shrewsbury
  • Preston
  • Fraserburgh
  • Lisburn

All specialists welcome, hairdressers, salons, hair passionates... We offer 1 full day training with a model and 2 days training for beginners.

No1. in the World

Because, frankly, we care. We care about how you look. We care about how you feel, how you are presented to the world! Because we pay attention to details, that others ignore!


To create a world class company offering the best in hair care products. Amazon Keratin's future will be shaed by the core values that define our trajectory: product innovation, outstanding service and social responsibility.


FOR CUSTOMERS: To deliver value with high quality products and excellent service. Be the brand of choice in hair care products.

FOR VENDORS: To forge long-lasting partnership with fairness and respect.

FOR SOCIETY: To be an integral part of the community and serve others with kindness and integrity.